Ted Cruz Does Not Support Personhood Legislation

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(Video) Iowa   [ “Pro-Life is Pro-Personhood” ! ]   – Ted Cruz does NOT support Personhood legislation !!!

– Ted Cruz supports “legal, and unencumbered” birth control (child-prevention);

   Cruz notes he and wife Heidi have (only) “two little girls”, says he is “very glad

   we don’t have seventeen [ seven ?].” ***


Canadian Ted Cruz takes TOUGH questions in IA. Gas Station https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfB7ShwtCZw Video – 17:10 Views – 45,322  ( as of Feb 6, 2016 ) Published on Jan 8, 2016


Question to Ted Cruz on Personhood legislation ( At 10:45 into YouTube video below ):

[ commentary added in brackets [  ]  ]

Female questioner (recording with mobile device): “And I was wondering if you could tell me real fast what your stance is on so-called personhood legislation.”

[Cruz campaign worker in close proximity with arm extended prepared to move Cruz to next questioner.]

Ted Cruz:  “Um, I believe we should protect every human life, from the moment of conception to the moment of death. [ ? ] I have not supported personhood legislation because I think, and the pro-life community is divided on this, but I think personhood legislation can be counterproductive because it focuses on issues that are unrelated to protecting unborn children [ sic ], and I think our focus should be valuing and cherishing every human life.” [ sic – that is exactly what personhood legislation does !!! ]

[Cruz campaign worker moves in closer to move Cruz on to next questioner, and speaks to female questioner.] 

Female questioner: “OK, and will that impact what kind of birth control you think should be legal?”

Ted Cruz:  “I believe that birth control should be legal, and unencumbered.  And, and there are a lot of folks in politics that try to paint a false picture, they try to scare people to suggest that their politician’s trying to go after their birth control.  It’s not true.  It is a made-up threat.  As I have observed more than once, my wife Heidi and I, we have two little girls. I’m very glad we don’t have seventeen [ seven ?].”

[ *** It is believed he said seventeen, Cruz married Heidi in 2001 ]

Cruz campaign worker now actually breaks in and says “Thank you, appreciate it” to break off her conversation with Ted Cruz. As Cruz walks to next questioner, the Cruz campaign worker whispers something in Cruz’s ear. 

Cruz says back, appearing annoyed, “Yes, I know that.” [ Total time with this female questioner was just over one minute: 10:45 – 11:50 on YouTube video ]





Georgia Right to Life PAC Endorses Ted Cruz for President http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/822076498.html [ Excerpts, emphasis added ]

NORCROSS, Ga., Aug. 8, 2015 –  

Senator Cruz received the endorsement after reviewing his activities supporting personhood and receiving his signed GRTL PAC Personhood Affirmation, which asks that candidates support a personhood amendment  to the U.S. Constitution.    

Such an amendment would guarantee a constitutional right to life for every innocent human being, from earliest    biological beginning until natural death.   [ continued… ]                                            

Open Letter to REPUBLICAN South Carolina Senators ( 27 )

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 Christians for Personhood

 P.O. Box 12222, Columbia, S.C.  29211


God says: “Thou shalt not kill (murder).”   Exodus 20:13, KJV     


February 4, 2016

To: Open Letter to REPUBLICAN South Carolina Senators ( 27 )

Cc:  Mark Cheslak, Chairman / Jim Schirmer, Vice Chairman, Christians for Personhood, Columbia, SC

Richard Cash, Executive Director, Personhood South Carolina, Piedmont, SC

Subj: County Results for Republican Advisory Q #1, June 2014 Republican Primary

Dear REPUBLICAN South Carolina Senators,     

Attached to this letter is a print-out from the South Carolina Election Commission website which shows the Official Results by County for Republican Advisory Question #1, in the June 2014 Statewide Primary Election.

The raw vote totals are displayed, which totaled 240,453 ( 78.6% ) in favor of Republican Advisory Question #1, out of a total of 305,726 votes cast. Each and every County of the 45 Counties which reported showed a large majority in favor of Republican Advisory Question #1, ranging from a high of 88.1% of the voters to a low of 69.2% of the voters in these 45 Counties.

The text of Republican Advisory Question #1 on the Official Ballot, read as follows:

“Should Article I, Section 3 of the South Carolina Constitution be amended to include the following language?” 

“The privileges and immunities of citizens of South Carolina and the United States shall not be abridged, so that no person shall be deprived of life without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws. These rights shall extend to both born and pre-born persons beginning at conception.”    Yes [   ]    No  [   ]

 On the reverse side of this letter is a list of the County Results for Republican Advisory Q #1, June 2014 Republican Primary ( by Percentage ), calculated from the raw vote data on SC Election Commission website.

On April 28, 2015, a Joint Resolution ( S.719 ) was introduced in the South Carolina Senate to place virtually the identical, verbatim language which appeared in Republican Advisory Q #1, in the June 2014 Republican Primary, as an actual proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot in November 2016.

[The only difference is the removal of the hyphen in the word ‘preborn’. ]

There are presently nine Senate co-sponsors of S.719, the SC Personhood Constitutional Amendment:

Bright, Bryant, Cromer, Fair, Grooms, S. Martin, Massey, Shealy, Turner. [ If you have not signed on yet as a co-sponsor, please do so as soon as possible. Why should there not be 27 Republican Senate co-sponsors ? ]

In addition, the SC Personhood Project led by Personhood South Carolina, has received the pledges ( https://personhood.sc/pledge/ ) of eight SC Senators:  Bright, Bryant, Corbin, Fair, Gregory, Hayes, Shealy, Verdin [ If you have not yet signed the pledge, please go to https://personhood.sc/ to download pledge. ]

Over the past 17 years of introducing Personhood BILLS in the SC Legislature ( 1998-2015 ), the General Assembly has failed to establish justice for pre-birth human beings by actually passing any of these bills in both chambers. S.719 introduced on April 28, 2015 is the first time a proposed Personhood Constitutional AMENDMENT has been introduced.  It is time to LET THE PEOPLE VOTE !!! 

Jesus Christ is “the King of kings, and Lord of lords” ( 1 Timothy 6:15, KJV ),

Steve Lefemine

exec. dir., Christians for Personhood  ( CP@spiritcom.net )


County Results for Republican Advisory Q #1, June 2014 Republican Primary ( by Percentage ):

[ Calculated from raw vote data on SC Election Commission website ] 

Abbeville: Yes – 85.4%; No – 14.6%

Aiken: Yes – 79.7%; No – 20.3%

Allendale: Yes – 73.8%; No – 26.2%

Anderson: Yes – 81.8%; No – 18.2%

Bamberg: Yes – 80.0%; No – 20.0

Barnwell: Yes – 81.4%; No – 18.6%

Beaufort: Yes – 74.4%; No – 25.6%

Berkeley: Yes – 77.5%; No – 22.5%

Calhoun: Yes – 79.5%; No – 20.5%

Charleston: Yes – 69.7%; No – 30.3%

Cherokee: Yes – 84.9%; No – 15.1%

Chester: Yes – 88.1%; No – 11.9%

Chesterfield: Yes – 85.2%; No – 14.8%

Clarendon: Yes – 82.5%; No – 17.5%

Colleton: Yes – 74.3%; No – 25.7%

Darlington: Yes – 81.5%; No – 18.5%

Dillon: Yes – 85.2%; No – 14.8%

Dorchester: Yes – 75.8%; No – 24.2%

Edgefield: Yes – 83.2%; No – 16.8%

Fairfield: Yes – 82.3%; No – 17.7%

Florence: Yes – 82.2%; No – 17.8%

Georgetown: Yes – 72.4%; No – 27.6%

Greenville: Yes – 82.9%; No – 17.1%

Greenwood: Yes – 82.1%; No – 17.9%

Hampton: Yes – 79.8%; No – 20.2%

Horry: Yes – 77.0%; No – 23.0%

Jasper: Yes – 76.2%; No – 23.8%

Kershaw: Yes – 76.7%; No – 23.3%

Lancaster: Yes – 81.2%; No – 18.8%

Laurens: Yes – 84.2%; No – 15.8%

Lee: Yes – 83.6%; No – 16.4%

Lexington: Yes – 77.0%; No – 23.0%

Marion: Yes – 81.9%; No – 18.1%

Marlboro: Yes – 81.9%; No – 18.1%

McCormick: Yes – 79.4%; No – 20.6%

Newberry: Yes – 76.9%; No – 23.1%

Oconee: Yes – 76.6%; No – 23.4%

Orangeburg: Yes – 81.2%; No – 18.8%

Pickens: Yes – 82.1%; No – 17.9%

Richland: Yes – 69.2%; No – 30.8%

Saluda: Yes – 82.1%; No – 17.9%

Spartanburg: Yes – 82.5%; No – 17.5%

Sumter: Yes – 82.7%; No – 17.3%

Union: Yes – 87.3%; No – 12.7%

York: Yes – 81.6%; No – 18.4%


Total: Yes – 78.6%; No – 21.4%

No Completed Personhood Questionnaires Received from 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

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FOR RELEASE:   Wednesday, January 27, 2016

FOR FURTHER INFO:  Contact, Steve Lefemine, exec.dir., Christians for Personhood
PO Box 12222, Columbia, South Carolina  29211;  CP@spiritcom.net

Personhood Questionnaire for 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

Posted at:  http://christiansforpersonhood.com

[COLUMBIA, SC]  Personhood Questionnaires for 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates were initially sent to the campaigns of candidates Bush, Carson, Cruz, Fiorina, Huckabee, Paul, Rubio, and Trump on December 17, 2015; and questionnaires were initially sent to the campaigns of candidates Christie, Kasich, Santorum on December 22, 2015.

Between December 17/22, 2015 and January 26, 2016, several attempts were made to contact each campaign by e-mail and by regular postal mail.

Although contacts/replies of some sort were received from the Bush, Christie, and Huckabee campaigns ( see below ), no completed Personhood Questionnaires have been received from any of these eleven 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates.

The Personhood Questionnaire for 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates sent to each individual candidate can be viewed on-line:

1.  Jeb Bush

2.  Ben Carson

3.  Chris Christie

4.  Ted Cruz

5.  Carly Fiorina

6.  Mike Huckabee

7.  John Kasich

8.  Rand Paul

9.  Marco Rubio

10.  Rick Santorum

11.  Donald Trump


Replies/Contacts from Bush, Christie, Huckabee campaigns:

1. Bush Campaign – Bush Campaign worker passed along reminder request for completion of Personhood Questionnaire for 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates, however completed questionnaire has not been received.


2. Christie campaign – Christie Campaign worker reply included Governor Chris Christie’s position on a number of incremental measures regulating child-murder-by-“abortion”, but despite the assertion by the Christie campaign worker indicating to the contrary,  did not complete the questions specifically asked in the Personhood Questionnaire for 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates.  Nothing in the response from the Governor Chris Christie campaign indicates Governor Christie supports legal Personhood at fertilization for pre-birth human beings without any “exceptions”.  Pro-Life is Pro-Personhood.

Response from Governor Chris Christie campaign:

[ edited, comments added ]

Below please find Governor Chris Christie’s responses to the “Christians for Personhood Questionnaire.”

Thank you,
[ Christie campaign worker ]

CHRISTIE: “I am pro-life. Hearing the strong heartbeat of my unborn daughter 14 years ago at 13 weeks gestation had a profound effect on me and my beliefs. The life of every human being is precious.”
(Christie For New Jersey Campaign Website, ChristieForNJ.com, “Issues,” 7/21/09)

CHRISTIE: “What happened was I had been pro-choice before that and I would call myself before that a kind of a non-thinking pro-choice person, kind of the default position that I took and then when my wife was pregnant with our daughter Sarah who is now fifteen, we happened to go to one of the prenatal visits at thirteen weeks. And they put the Doppler on my wife’s abdomen who didn’t look at all pregnant at that point, visibly, and we heard this incredibly strong heartbeat. I remember we came separately, she came from her job and I came from mine, we went back to work. As I was driving back to work I said to myself you know, under my position on abortion I would say that a week ago that wasn’t a life. I heard that heartbeat, that’s a life. It led to me having a real reflection on my position and when I took time to reflect on it I just said you know what? I’m not comfortable with that anymore, that was back in 1995, and I’ve been pro-life ever since.” (CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” 6/14/11)


The Christie Record …

Protecting Life [ Christians Personhood –sic Pro-Life is Pro-Personhood. ]


As both a candidate and as Governor in one of the most heavily-Democratic states in the nation, Governor Christie has stood by his principles and strongly defended the rights of the unborn.  [ Christians Personhood –sicPro-Life is Pro-Personhood. ]

* The first pro-life candidate elected statewide since Roe Vs. Wade  [ Christians Personhood –sic Pro-Life is Pro-Personhood. ]

* Vetoing funding for Planned Parenthood every year in office
     * Christie supports defunding Planned Parenthood on the federal level as well

* Supporting ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy  [ Christians Personhood –sicPro-Life is Pro-Personhood. ]

* Supporting Parental Notification and a 24-Hour Waiting Period  [ Christians Personhood –sicPro-Life is Pro-Personhood. ]


* The First Pro-Life Candidate Elected Statewide Since Roe Vs. Wade: Governor Christie: “And when they said it could never be done, now twice – twice, for the first time since Roe vs. WWade, New Jersey has elected a pro-life governor of New Jersey.”
 [ Christians Personhood – sic Pro-Life is Pro-Personhood. ]

* Vetoing Funding For Planned Parenthood Every Year In Office: Each year since taking office, Governor Christie has vetoed $7.5 million for Planned Parenthood and other family planning clinics.

* Governor Christie has also called on the federal government to defund Planned Parenthood and called for a Justice Department investigation into the organization.

* Supporting 20 Week Ban: Governor Christie has voiced support for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.  [ Christians Personhood – sic Pro-Life is Pro-Personhood. ]

* The First New Jersey Governor To Address A Pro-Life Rally: Christie was the first New Jersey governor to address New Jersey Right To Life at their annual rally on the steps of the New Jersey Statehouse.  [ Christians Personhood – Does New Jersey Right to Life support Personhood for pre-birth human beings, at fertilization, with no “exception” ?  Pro-Life is Pro-Personhood. ]

* Supporting Parental Notification And A 24-Hour Waiting Period: Governor Christie has called for requiring parental notification before minors could get an abortion, saying it should be “something we can agree on, Republicans and Democrats.” Governor Christie also supports a 24-hour waiting period, stating it “makes sense when someone’s making as difficult a decision as terminating a pregnancy. …”
[ Christians Personhood – sic Pro-Life is Pro-Personhood. ]


3.  Huckabee campaign – Steve Lefemine, exec. dir., Christians for Personhood personally met (briefly) Governor Mike Huckabee after one of his South Carolina speaking engagements in a “meet and greet” receiving line and brought up the Personhood Questionnaire for 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates.  Governor Huckabee instructed Steve Lefemine to give the questionnaire to the person who is his SC campaign State Director who was there present with him.  This was done, however completed questionnaire has not been received.


Christians for Personhood:

The standard for identifying whether or not a candidate is “Pro-Life” is whether or not the candidate commits to support the legal Personhood of pre-birth human beings IN LAW, at fertilization (conception), and that without “exceptions”, because God’s Word says, “Thou shalt not kill ( murder ).”  Exodus 20:13, KJV.

Being “Pro-Life” is agreeing with God regarding the Sanctity of Human Life which He created.

– ### –

Personhood Questionnaire for 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

Published by:

 Instructions to the Candidate:  Please complete the questionnaire below, sign, and mail to: Christians for Personhood, PO Box 12222, Columbia, SC 2911, or scan and e-mail to: Christians for Personhood <CP@spiritcom.net>.  [Please Reply NLT January 15, 2016]


 1. United States Constitution 

I agree with Article VI of the United States Constitution, i.e., there are three and only three things which constitute “the supreme Law of the Land”; namely, the written text of the U.S. Constitution itself, Federal Laws made in pursuance of the written text of the U.S. Constitution, and all Treaties made under the Authority of the United States which are consistent with the written text of the U.S. Constitution. I reject the judicial supremacist view that U.S. Supreme Court Opinions can ever be “the supreme Law of the Land”. Therefore Roe and Obergefell are not “the supreme Law of the Land.”


YES _______     NO _______     UNDECIDED _______


2. Federal Personhood Bill

I support Federal Personhood legislation such as H.R. 426 ( www.Congress.gov ), sponsored by U.S. Rep. Jody Hice ( R-GA ) to recognize the legal personhood of all preborn human beings, at fertilization, without “exception”, by Federal Statute, and will promote, advocate, and sign such legislation, if elected as U.S. President.


YES _______     NO _______     UNDECIDED _______


3. Federal Personhood Bill

If presently serving in elected office in the United States Senate, I will at the earliest opportunity ( NLT January 15, 2016 ) introduce Federal Personhood legislation in the U.S. Senate, such as H.R. 426 or a similar principled Personhood bill, with no “exceptions”.


YES _______     NO _______     UNDECIDED _______


4. United States Constitution / Federal Personhood Bill

As spelled out in the text of Article III, Section 2 of the United States Constitution, the U.S. Congress has the authority and power to make exceptions to the appellate jurisdiction of the U.S. Supreme Court; and, under both Article III and Article I, Section 8, Clause 9, has the authority and power to limit the jurisdiction of the lower federal courts. Therefore I would support Federal Personhood legislation such as H.R. 426, with this additional provision of restricting the jurisdiction of the federal courts to determine the constitutionality of Federal Personhood legislation such as H.R. 426 or similar bill(s).


YES _______     NO _______     UNDECIDED _______



Printed name of candidate



Signed name of candidate and Date


* Questionnaires were sent to the campaigns of candidates Bush, Carson, Cruz, Fiorina, Huckabee, Paul, Rubio, and Trump on December 17, 2015; and questionnaires were sent to the campaigns of candidates Christie, Kasich, Santorum on December 22, 2015.

Personhood Amendment Supported by SC Pastors Alliance at SC State House News Conference – June 2, 2015 (Video/Audio/Photos)

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“The South Carolina Pastors Alliance, a network of over 500 pastors united together to influence public policy in matters of faith, family and freedom, is sponsoring and supporting an amendment to the SC State Constitution entitled “Personhood”. This amendment will define when life begins and seeks to acknowledge and protect the constitutional and human rights of those pre-born South Carolinians.”

SC Pastors Alliance Press Release, for State House News Conference, June 2, 2015

Dr. Kevin Baird

Dr. Kevin Baird, Executive Director SC Pastors Alliance ( SCPA ) and incoming Director of the National Association of Pastors Alliances at the podium, standing with other supporters of SC Personhood Constitutional Amendment (S.719, H .4093), including other South Carolina pastors, SC Senators, SC Representatives, and Christian pro-life leaders.

– SC State House, Second Floor Lobby ( Between Chambers of SC Senate and SC House of Representatives ), Columbia, South Carolina, news conference commencing prior to beginning of 12:00 noon Senate and House Sessions on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Source: https://twitter.com/shelliadamczyk ( WACH FOX Reporter/Multi-Media Journalist ) [enlarged copied version reduced 75%]


Video: 2:18 min


SC Pastors Alliance supporting abortion amendment
by Shelli Adamczyk
Posted: 06.02.2015 at 6:19 PM


Full length Audio (only): 13:53 min

(Audio) SC Pastors Alliance news conference – SC State House, Columbia, SC – June 2, 2015


SC Pastors Alliance State House News Conference pre-event Press Release:

sc pastors alliance logo

South Carolina Pastors Alliance

May 30 at 5:21pm · Edited ·





Download and read the complete report (pdf) by Steve Lefemine, exec. dir. of Christians for Personhood here: