(SC) Alert: Planned Parenthood Funding in SC State Budget; Full Senate Finance Committee meets beginning Tues., April 2nd

Columbia Christians for Life
March 27, 2019

Please call the 13 Republicans on the 23-member Senate Finance Committee and tell them to remove the ineffective SC House Proviso 33.25 which allows Planned Parenthood funding for now to CONTINUE***; and to instead add SC Governor McMaster’s effective Proviso 33.24 which zeroes out  federal dollars for “family planning” and thus prevents any of these federal dollars from going to Planned Parenthood. Governor McMaster’s Proviso 33.24 would also prohibit state dollars from going to any of South Carolina’s three remaining (down from 12 in 1988) child-murder by “abortion” genocide centers, two of which are Planned Parenthood affiliates.

***The ineffective SC House Proviso 33.25 links to a federal court injunction against a 2018 Executive Order by Governor McMaster.

However, Governor McMaster’s effective 2019 Proviso 33.24 uses a different legal strategy than the one employed in his 2018 Executive Order. What the SC House passed on March 12 does nothing to stop Planned Parenthood funding now !

These are the 13 Republicans to call on Senate Finance Committee – they have the power to stop the Planned Parenthood funding now. Their contact info is at scstatehouse.gov – click on “Senators”:

Leatherman, Peeler, Grooms, Cromer, Davis, Gregory, Corbin, Alexander, Verdin, Campbell, Martin, Bennett, Hembree.

These three Democrats should be called also:

Reese, Jackson, Williams.

Please call beginning this evening Wednesday 3/27, through Tuesday 4/2.


Governor McMaster’s effective Planned Parenthood defunding Proviso 33.24
(page down to page 327):

SC House ineffective Planned Parenthood defunding Proviso 33.25 (page down to Proviso 33:25):


Thank you.

Columbia Christians for Life