New Ohio ‘Personhood’ Bill Would Recognize ‘Personhood’ and [Therefore] Constitutional Rights of All Unborn Human Beings From Conception [Fertilization]

New Ohio ‘Personhood’ Bill
Would Recognize
‘Personhood’ and [ Therefore ] Constitutional Rights
of All
Unborn Human Beings From Conception [ Fertilization ]

What are the two main substantive differences between
the new Ohio ‘Personhood’ Bill HB 704,
and SC Personhood Bills H5401 and S1335 ?


1. No potentially Scripturally violative (Ex. 20:13, Matt. 19:18), or medically unnecessary “life of the mother” exclusion in H5401 and S1335.

2. H5401 and S1335 explicitly, solely, and exclusively amend SC Homicide Law [ SC Code of Laws, Title 16, Chapter 3 ].
H5401 and S1335 are not unconstitutionally vague, but amend specific portion of the SC Code of Laws.
H5401 and S1335 do not affect other areas of law, but are limited to Title 16, Chapter 3.

Ohio House Bill – HB 704
“The Personhood Act”


SC House Bill – H5401
“Personhood Act of SC”


SC Senate Bill – S1335
“Personhood Act of SC”


‘New Ohio ‘personhood’ bill would declare all individuals are human from moment of conception’
July 11, 2022

“COLUMBUS, Ohio — The state would recognize the personhood” and constitutional rights of all unborn human individuals from the moment of conception” under a bill introduced Monday by some of the most conservative members of the Ohio House.” [ emphasis added ]

“The bill contains just two sentences: “The state of Ohio shall recognize the personhood, and protect the constitutional rights, of all unborn human individuals from the moment of conception. Nothing in this section shall be interpreted in any manner that would endanger the life of a mother.” [ emphasis added ]


‘Ohio bill recognizes personhood at point of conception’
July 12, 2022


[ OHIO ]
‘With six-week abortion ban in place, new bill would confer ‘personhood’ from conception’
WOUB Public Media
July 12, 2022

Five states have similar laws, which challengers say are constitutionally vague.
A law in Arizona was blocked in court on Monday.”

“A proposed “personhood” amendment to the Ohio constitution was certified in 2011, but never made it [to] the ballot.

Ohio Secretary of State
Legislation and Ballot Issues
Ballot Board





H5401, S1335


God says,

“Thou shalt not kill (murder).”

Exodus 20:13, KJV


This battle in the United States of America for the Sanctity of the Creator God-given,
inherent, unalienable, right to life of ALL human beings as natural persons, beginning at fertilization, was not over on June 24, 2022 when the US Supreme Court issued the
Dobbs ruling and Opinion; and it will not be over until Creator God-given, inherent,
unalienable, natural PERSONHOOD, at fertilization, with no exceptions, is recognized and established in the State Constitutions of all 50 States, and in the Constitution of the United States, SO HELP US GOD; because God says, “Thou Shalt Not Kill (Murder).” Exodus 20:13, KJV.


Christians for Personhood
Columbia, South Carolina