SC Personhood Amendment on Senate Judiciary Committee April 5 Agenda

Christians for Personhood ( CP )
Columbia, South Carolina
April 3, 2016

SC Personhood Amendment on Senate Judiciary Committee April 5 Agenda    


S.719 SC Personhood Constitutional Amendment is #13 ( item “M.” ) on  the Senate Judiciary Committee (13 R, 9 D) Agenda for the April 5th, 3PM meeting in Room 308 in the Senate Gressette Office Bldg., State House grounds, Columbia, South Carolina, as posted here.


Senate Meeting Schedule
Week of April 4, 2016

As posted here:

Tuesday, April 5

3:00 pm — Gressette Room 308 — Judiciary Committee
Agenda Available
Live Broadcast
Live Broadcast – Audio Only
Meeting added on 04/01/2016 at 10:04 am
Scheduled for Live Broadcast on 04/01/2016 at 10:33 am

NOTE: The meeting is in Room 308 with only a +/- 90 audience seating capacity, instead of the usual Room 105 Senate Judiciary Committee meeting room with a +/- 100 audience seating capacity ]

( A Finance Subcommittee will be meeting in Room 105 )


The April 5th agenda is available here:

S.719 is item #13 on the agenda.

This is because in the last ( March 22 ) meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee, S719 was item #24 out of 24 items on the Agenda, and the meeting stopped after finishing with item #19.  So that left five items ( items #19 thru #24 ) which had not been taken up at all in the March 22 meeting.

Then there were also seven bills in the March 22 Senate Judiciary Committee meeting which were taken up, but then were at some point “carried over”.

In addition, there is one new bill ( S.1191 only introduced into the SC Senate on March 24th ) that is very short, that has been placed at the very top of the list ( Agenda item #1 ) dealing with South Carolina Rules of Criminal Procedure
[It appears this is an example of how the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman is able to give special priority to a bill on the agenda if he chooses to.]

So S.719 is 13th on the list for April 5th.


For those who decide to come to the Judiciary Committee meeting on April 5th (public interest and accountability are important), it is recommended you arrive in the committee meeting room at 2:00 pm (especially with the slightly smaller audience seating size of Room 308 as compared to the usual Room 105).

Pink lapel tags have been prepared that can be pinned on to identify S719 SC Personhood Constitutional Amendment supporters, and it is requested that S719 supporters please sit as close to the front rows as possible.


As explained in the previous March 30 e-mail below:

Please contact one or all of these seven ( 7 ) Senators, asking them:

Sean Bennett ( R – Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester )

Greg Hembree ( R – Dillon, Horry )

Paul Thurmond ( R – Charleston, Dorchester )

Luke A. Rankin ( R – Horry ) [ incumbent Senator 1993 – 2016 ]

George E. “Chip” Campsen, III ( R – Beaufort, Charleston, Colleton ) [ incumbent Senator 2005 – 2016 ]

J. Thomas McElveen, III ( D – Kershaw, Lee, Richland, Sumter )

Ronnie A. Sabb ( D – Berkeley, Florence, Georgetown, Horry, Williamsburg )


1) To please vote to pass S.719 SC Personhood Constitutional Amendment next Tuesday, April 5th in the Senate Judiciary Committee, to move forward the effort to put S.719 on the ballot in the November 8, 2016 General Election and let the people of South Carolina have the opportunity to vote on what is in our own State Constitution !

2) And if they cannot vote ‘Yes’ to pass S.719, then ask them to at least not vote against S.719, and to please abstain.


If you are a Bible-believing, born again Christian, please pray for the Lord to turn the hearts of these seven ( 7 ) SC State Senators above, as well as each of the other eight ( 8 ) Senate members of the 22-man Senate Judiciary Committee ( 13 R, 9 D ) who are not yet signed on as  co-sponsors, or who have not yet pledged to support S.719
[SC Senators Larry A. Martin, Chairman, Brad Hutto, Gerald Malloy, Creighton B. Coleman, Karl B. Allen, Kevin L. Johnson, Marlon E. Kimpson, and Margie Bright Matthews].

“The king’s heart is in the Hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water:
He turneth it whithersoever He will.”
Proverb 21:1, KJV ( with deity capitalized )

“… with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26, KJV

In Christ,

Steve Lefemine
Christians for Personhood

PO Box 12222
Columbia, SC 29211