SC Personhood Amendment – No Special Order Votes Taken, No Motion Period in Senate April 19; Next Regular Session April 21

Christians for Personhood ( CP )
Columbia, South Carolina
April 19, 2016

SC Personhood Amendment – No Special Order Votes Taken, No Motion Period in Senate April 19; Next Regular Session April 21

Will Senators (27 R, 18 D) set S.719 for Special Order Thursday, April 21, 2016 ?

– We need to Poll Senators for Commitment to Vote for Special Order for S.719


1) The SC Senate adjourned in less than 1 1/2 hours today without even entering the Motion Period on the Senate Calendar for April 19.  So no votes for Special Order were taken; neither for H.3189, nor S.719.

2) Tomorrow, April 20  is only any ‘perfunctory’ Session as per the motion of Senate President Pro-Tempore, 35-year incumbent Senator Hugh Leatherman ( R – Darlington, Florence ), who invoked a special Rule of the Senate ( Rule 1B, p. 206 ) authorizing the President Pro-Tempore to do so.  Note: The invoking of the Rule was actually out of order because the Rule requires the motion be made “at least two (2) days prior” to it taking effect.  However no Senator challenged the Rule violation, and so the motion was approved by the Senate.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 – 12:00 pm
State House, Senate Chamber
Video – 1:23:29

3) So the next full Session of the Senate is Thursday, April 20, meeting at 11AM.  We have until then to lobby and poll Senators for their commitment to vote for Special Order for S.719.  Senator Bright says we need to make a list of those who will vote for Special Order for S.719.  Senator Bryant says we should start with supporters of S.719 SC Personhood Constitutional Amendment, of which there are 15.  There are 12 Senate co-sponsors of S.719, plus three other Senators who have signed the S.719 pledge only.

Sponsors of S.719: Senators Lee Bright*, Ronnie Cromer*, Kevin Bryant*, Shane Martin, Ross Turner, Mike Fair*, Katrina Shealy*, Larry Grooms, Shane Massey, Danny Verdin*, Tom Young and Tom Davis
[ Note: Senators with asterisk ( * ) also signed S.719 Pledge ]

Senators who have signed S.719 Pledge but have not co-sponsored: Senators Tom Corbin, Greg Gregory, Wes Hayes

Contact information for all SC Senators is here:

Of this list, Senator Bright and Senator Bryant can be counted as having already made their commitment to support S.719 for Special Order.  Please help contact, lobby, and poll the remainder of this list of 15 Senators, asking them:

– To please agree to vote to set S.719 SC Personhood Constitutional Amendment for Special Order on Thursday, April 21st and thereafter, to move forward the effort to put  S.719 on the ballot in the November 8, 2016 General Election and let the people of South Carolina have the opportunity to vote on what is in our own State Constitution !

– And if they cannot vote ‘Yes’ to set S.719 for Special Order, then ask them to at least not vote against setting S.719 for Special Order, and to please abstain.

4) If you contact or receive an answer back from any of these 15 Senators above regarding the answer to whether they will agree to vote to set S.719 for Special Order on Thursday, April 21st and thereafter; or if not, will they at least abstain, please e-mail their response to as soon as possible.
Thank you !


Greenville News ( Greenville, SC )

Bryant: personhood bill may be pushed over transgender bill
April 19, 2016

COLUMBIA ­ The Upstate chairman of the committee that could take up a bill regulating the transgender use of public bathrooms says while he still thinks the bill can pass, he is more interested in having the Senate debate a bill giving rights to the unborn.

Sen. Kevin Bryant of Anderson, chairman of the Senate General Committee, told The Greenville News on Monday he is prepared to move the transgender bill out of committee and onto the Senate calendar but knows whether the bill moves as the result of a vote at a committee meeting or polling committee members without a meeting, it still will draw a procedural objection by opponents that will require a vote of the Senate for the measure to be heard.

Given the choice between focusing his efforts on persuading the Senate to take up the transgender bill or a bill establishing legal rights for the unborn beginning at conception, also known as the “personhood” bill, Bryant said he would prefer to focus on the personhood bill.

“My personal priority is the personhood constitutional amendment,” Bryant said.  “I would like to see the bathroom bill pass this year. Personhood would be the priority for me.”



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