SC Personhood Amendment – Day of Decision for Special Order in SC Senate – Tuesday, April 19, 2016 ?

Christians for Personhood ( CP )
Columbia, South Carolina
April 17, 2016

SC Personhood AmendmentDay of Decision for Special Order in SC Senate

– Tuesday, April 19, 2016 ?

Which Bill will SC Senators (27 R, 18 D) set for Special Order: H.3189 or S.719 ?


It appears likely Senate President Pro-Tempore, 35-year incumbent Senator Hugh Leatherman (Darlington, Florence) will once again move for H.3189 to be set for Special Order, which if passed by a 2/3 Senate vote, would take the one slot presently open for Special Order, during the Motion Period on Tuesday,  April 19.  It is important this Motion be defeated once again.  It was defeated on Thursday, April 14 by just one vote.

Instead of giving away the one open Special Order slot to H.3189, we pray a Special Order vote for S.719 SC Personhood Constitutional Amendment will be taken, and will succeed on Tuesday, April 19.

So please call and e-mail the Republican and Democrat Senators further below, as many as you are willing, by NLT Tuesday morning, April 19 when the Republican Senate Caucus meets at 11AM prior to the 12 noon Session in the Senate chamber, saying to them words to this effect:

“Please vote to give the open Special Order slot to S.719, and please do not vote to give the open Special Order slot to H.3189.  The vote for Special Order for S719 is being counted as a vote for or against the Personhood Constitutional Amendment.  Let the People of South Carolina vote on the ballot November 8, 2016 .”


These 10 Republican Senators below voted on Thursday, April 14 to give H.3189 (‘campaign funding’/’ethics’, third party/so-called ‘dark money’ bill) the one open Special Order slot, which would have boxed out S.719 SC Personhood Constitutional Amendment from getting an opportunity to receive a vote for Special Order. Thankfully that H.3189 Special Order vote was defeated on Thursday, April 14, but by just one vote, and the proponents of Special Order for H.3189 intend to try again.  Their attempt may very well be Tuesday, April 19.

The 10 Republican Senators who voted to give away the one open Special Order slot to H.3189 (not S.719) on Thursday, April 14 were:

1) Thomas C. Alexander – District 1 – Oconee & Pickens Counties – Map

2) Paul G. Campbell, Jr. – District 44 – Berkeley, Charleston & Dorchester Counties – Map

3) Raymond E. Cleary, III – District 34 – Charleston, Georgetown & Horry Counties – Map

4) Ronnie W. Cromer – District 18 – Lexington, Newberry & Union Counties – Map
[ Senator Cromer is a co-sponsor of S.719 and has signed the S.719 pledge ]

5) Robert W. Hayes, Jr. – District 15 – York County – Map
[ Senator Hayes has signed the S.719 pledge ]

6) Hugh K. Leatherman, Sr. – District 31 – Darlington & Florence Counties – Map

7) Larry A. Martin – District 2 – Pickens County – Map

8) Luke A. Rankin – District 33 – Horry County – Map

9) Paul Thurmond – District 41 – Charleston & Dorchester Counties – Map

10) Tom Young, Jr. – District 24 – Aiken County – Map
[ Senator Young is a co-sponsor of S.719 ]

Contact information for all SC Senators is here:


“The king’s heart is in the Hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water:
He turneth it whithersoever He will.”
Proverb 21:1, KJV ( with deity capitalized )

“… with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26, KJV

Praise the Lord“For with God nothing shall be impossible.”  Luke 1:37, KJV

In Christ,

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