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Personhood Amendment Supported by SC Pastors Alliance at SC State House News Conference – June 2, 2015 (Video/Audio/Photos)

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“The South Carolina Pastors Alliance, a network of over 500 pastors united together to influence public policy in matters of faith, family and freedom, is sponsoring and supporting an amendment to the SC State Constitution entitled “Personhood”. This amendment will define when life begins and seeks to acknowledge and protect the constitutional and human rights of those pre-born South Carolinians.”

SC Pastors Alliance Press Release, for State House News Conference, June 2, 2015

Dr. Kevin Baird

Dr. Kevin Baird, Executive Director SC Pastors Alliance ( SCPA ) and incoming Director of the National Association of Pastors Alliances at the podium, standing with other supporters of SC Personhood Constitutional Amendment (S.719, H .4093), including other South Carolina pastors, SC Senators, SC Representatives, and Christian pro-life leaders.

– SC State House, Second Floor Lobby ( Between Chambers of SC Senate and SC House of Representatives ), Columbia, South Carolina, news conference commencing prior to beginning of 12:00 noon Senate and House Sessions on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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Video: 2:18 min


SC Pastors Alliance supporting abortion amendment
by Shelli Adamczyk
Posted: 06.02.2015 at 6:19 PM


Full length Audio (only): 13:53 min

(Audio) SC Pastors Alliance news conference – SC State House, Columbia, SC – June 2, 2015


SC Pastors Alliance State House News Conference pre-event Press Release:

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South Carolina Pastors Alliance

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Download and read the complete report (pdf) by Steve Lefemine, exec. dir. of Christians for Personhood here: