SC Senate ‘Abortion’ Bills battle, May 1 – 4 – Report #3:

Christians for Personhood ( CP )
Columbia, South Carolina
May 10, 2018

SC Senate ‘Abortion’ Bills battle, May 1 – 4 – Report #3:

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SC Senate ‘Abortion’ Bills battle, May 1 – 4 – Report #3:

Personhood Bill S217 vs Hutto “Hyde-Amdt”-type fake “pro-life” replacement amdt to H3548 vs SCCL’s euthanasia Dismemberment Bill H3548

/// On Wed, May 2, Senator Cash offered six amdt’s (No. 12 to No. 17) to H3548 Dismemberment Bill.  Amdt No. 12 exposed the pro-euthanasia aspect of H3548 and attempted to close the “Euthanasia first (Kill the Baby first); then Dismember the Baby” loophole, by proscribing first killing the unborn child, and then dismembering the child

/// However, even that change was opposed by Senator Grooms, who served as point man for H3548, reporting H3548 was supported WITHOUT amdt by National Right to Life, SC Citizens for Life, SC Baptist Convention, SC (Roman) Catholic Conference, and the SC Assn of Pregnancy Centers. These groups support legislation which incrementally regulates child-murder. NONE are supporting Personhood Bill S217

/// After about 3 1/2 hrs of debate, Cash Amdt No. 12 was defeated on 7 Y – 30 N Roll Call vote.  See Senate Journal for 5/2/2018 –

/// On the previous day, Tues, May 1, when H3548 came up on the Special Order portion of the Senate Calendar (about 5:30pm) Senator Cash proposed Amdt No. 11, which added all of the language contained in Personhood Bill S217; to all the text of Dismemberment Bill H3548, plus one additional sentence proscribing dismemberment of the baby in the case of providing medical treatment to prevent the death of pregnant woman

/// The debate lasted about 1 1/2 hrs, and then Cash Amdt No. 11 was tabled on a 30 Y – 11 N Roll Call vote. See Senate Journal for 5/1/2018 –

/// Voting Yes to table  Amdt No. 11 were 16 R’s and 14 D’s. Voting No against tabling were 11 R’s

/// S217 Personhood Bill has 19 cosponsors (18 R, 1 D). Of these, 10 R’s  voted No against tabling. Of these, 8 R’s, 1 D voted Yes to table. ///

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