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Re: SC Incremental “Abortion” Regulation Heartbeat Law, Blocked Since Feb 19, 2021

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Re: SC Incremental “Abortion” Regulation Heartbeat Law, Blocked Since Feb 19, 2021

SC Governor, et al. file Appeal in 4th Circuit Court against Preliminary Injunction granted to SC’s three “abortion” centers and to one “abortionist” (mass-murderer)

‘Gov. McMaster appeals preliminary injunction of Fetal Heartbeat Bill’
July 7, 2021

‘Gov. Henry McMaster Appeals Preliminary Injunction of Fetal Heartbeat Bill, Continues Fight for Unborn Children in South Carolina’

S.C. Governor Henry McMaster
July 7, 2021

Appellants’ Legal Brief
(Governor McMaster, et al.)

E-page #12 of the Appellants’ Legal Brief identifies the (pro-“abortion”) plaintiffs who sued to stop the Heartbeat Bill from going into effect, as “three abortion clinics and one of their owners”.

South Carolina has three “abortion” centers:  Planned Parenthood in Charleston; Planned Parenthood in Columbia; and Greenville Women’s “Clinic” in the Upstate, the last of which is co-owned by abortionist (mass-murderer) Terry Buffkin, who is also one of the lawsuit plaintiffs.

As indicated in the statistics table below prepared by SC DHEC, these three “abortion” centers committed [ Note: not “provided” ! ] approximately 99% of the 5,101 child-murders by “abortion” committed within SC in 2019, as reported to DHEC (as required by SC Law):


1) The SC Heartbeat Law does not Establish Justice, as required by God (Exodus 20:13, Matthew 19:18, Amos 5:15, Micah 6:8, Proverbs 21:3, Psalm 82:1-4, Psalm 89:14, Psalm 97:2, Romans 13:1-4, KJV), and as included in the US Constitution’s Preamble, which the SC Governor and SC Legislators take an Oath to uphold.

2) Despite the misguided, hyperbolic claims made by some, the Heartbeat bill is not the greatest or strongest (so-called) “pro-life” legislation ever passed by the SC Legislature in the state’s history.

Prior to Roe, the 1962 SC Code of Laws was much stronger:

Volume 4, Title 16 Abortion
Sections 16-82 and 16-83

Pass Personhood Now !