SC Personhood Bill S217 Update (May 9):

Christians for Personhood ( CP )
Columbia, South Carolina
May 9, 2018

SC Personhood Bill S217 Update (May 9):

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Personhood Bill S217 Update (May 9):

The regular 2018 Session ends Thurs, May 10 (present Sine Die Res H5383 indicates there will be two short extended sessions, one later in May, one in June).

/// On Tues, May 8, by unanimous consent request of Sen Malloy, all Senate bills on Statewide Second Reading part of Senate Calendar were Recommitted to their respective Committees. This included S217 Personhood Bill. So if you look at May 8 Senate Calendar, you will see S217 listed (though contested), but if you look at May 9 Senate Calendar, S217 is no longer there, it has been sent back to Sen Jud Comm.

– SC Senate Calendars –

/// Also on Tues, May 8, two bills related to VC Summer nuclear issue were placed for Special Order in Senate (H4375, H4379). There was no Roll Call vote for either bill to be set for Special Order; Sen Majority Leader Massey made the motions, and it happened. This is what CAN happen when there is the WILL to make something happen

/// If the Senate so WILLED to END child-murder by “abortion”, instead of recommitting S217 back to Jud Comm, the Senate could have set S217 for Special Order.

/// If you look at current version of Sine Die Resolution – House Bill 5383 – – current plans are for SC General Assembly (House and Senate) to come back into special session May 23 & 24; then to adjourn again, and then come back again June 27 & 28.  Key point: In BOTH periods, authorized in H5383 for consideration by the SC Legislature is “introduction, receipt, and consideration of legislation concerning the V.C. Summer Nuclear units and related matters”

/// The time limits are self-imposed. The Sine Die Res must be approved by 2/3 of each chamber (House approved initial version of H5383 by 110 Y – 0 N vote yesterday), and it can be changed by 2/3 vote in each chamber

/// If SC’s Legislature so WILLED, Personhood could also be in the Sine Die Resolution !!!

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