SC Senate ‘Abortion’ Bills battle, May 1 – 4, 2018 – Report #2:

Christians for Personhood ( CP )
Columbia, South Carolina
May 8, 2018

SC Senate ‘Abortion’ Bills battle, May 1 – 4, 2018 – Report #2:

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SC Senate ‘Abortion’ Bills battle, May 1 – 4 – Report #2:

Personhood Bill S217 vs Hutto “Hyde-Amdt”-type fake “pro-life” replacement amdt to H3548 vs SCCL’s euthanasia Dismemberment Bill H3548

/// The Hutto “Hyde-Amdt”-type fake “pro-life” replacement amdt language which supplanted the euthanasia Dismemberment Bill language was adopted on a 24 Y – 1 N vote about 9:45pm Wed night, May 2. About one hour later before adjourning for the night, the Senate gave Second Reading (28 Y – 10 N) to H3548, which was now a much different bill, although not a Personhood or true “pro-life” bill. This Hutto/Hyde fake “pro-life” bill did NOT establish Personhood, and had several child-murder “exceptions” for rape, incest, life and serious health risk of mother.

/// The two Roll Call votes above  are listed in Senate Journal for 5/2/2018

/// Earlier same day, Wed, May 2 (beginning after 3:30pm and continuing into evening), Senator Cash cont’d to offer several Amdt’s (he began with his first major Amdt Tues evening, May 1) to H3548 Dismemberment Bill, which was then still in its pro-euthanasia form; “Redefining How to Kill Babies”, allowing dismemberment of unborn children after  first euthanizing  (murdering) them inside the womb, by sticking a long needle into baby’s heart with an injection, to stop the heart, intentionally causing death. This sick legislation advocated by SC Citizens for “Life” is NOT Pro-Life !!!

/// Amdt No. 12 offered by Senator Cash exposed the pro-euthanasia aspect of H3548 and attempted to close the “Euthanasia first (Kill the Baby first); then Dismember the Baby” loophole, by adding language to also proscribe “… after first killing a living unborn child, knowingly to dismember an unborn child and extract him one piece at a time from the uterus…”

/// None of the several Amdt’s proposed by Senator Cash to H3548 on Wed, May 2 were adopted; text of each one may be seen in Senate Journal ///

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