SC Senate ‘Abortion’ Bills battle, May 1 – 4 – Report #3B

Christians for Personhood ( CP )
Columbia, South Carolina
May 16, 2018

SC Senate ‘Abortion’ Bills battle, May 1 – 4 – Report #3B:

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SC Senate ‘Abortion’ Bills battle, May 1 – 4 – Report #3B:

Personhood Bill S217 vs Hutto “Hyde-Amdt”-type fake “pro-life” replacement amdt to H3548 vs SCCL’s euthanasia Dismemberment Bill H3548

/// On Tues, May 1, with the pro-euthanasia H3548 Dismemberment Bill before the Senate on Special Order, Senator Cash’s Amdt No. 11 proposing to add all language contained in Personhood Bill S217; to all text of Dismemberment Bill H3548; plus one additional sentence proscribing dismemberment of baby in case of providing medical treatment to prevent death of pregnant woman, was tabled on Roll Call vote of 30 Y – 11 N on Senator Hutto’s Motion to Table.

/// See Senate Journal for 5/1/2018 –

/// As previously reported, voting No against tabling Amdt No. 11 were 11 Republicans: Alexander, Cash, Climer, Corbin, Cromer, Gambrell, Goldfinch, Martin, Rice, Timmons, Verdin

/// As a matter of record, EIGHT of these 11 also voted on February 6, 2018 to RECALL S217 Personhood Bill from Senate Judiciary Committee, where S217 was being “slow-walked” (obstructed, delayed) by Personhood opponent, Chairman Senator Luke Rankin (RINO-Horry). Senator Martin’s Recall Motion failed on a 10 Y – 34 N Roll Call vote

/// See Senate Journal for 2/6/2018 –

/// The EIGHT who voted for both Cash Amdt No. 11 on May 2, AND voted for Senator Martin Recall Motion on Feb 6, 2018 are: Alexander, Cash, Corbin, Cromer, Gambrell, Martin, Rice, Timmons

/// Verdin was on leave Feb 6. Freshman Senators Climer and Goldfinch did not vote for Feb 6 Recall, however they are considered strong supporters of Personhood Bill. So these 11 together are considered strongest supporters of Personhood legislation among 27-seated member Republican Senate Caucus

/// Senators Davis and Peeler also voted for Martin Recall Motion Feb 6, however neither voted for Cash Amdt No. 11 on May 1 ///

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