South Carolina Fake “Abortion” “Ban” [sic] Bill H5399 is Unjust

Edited and Revised Sept 4, 2022

South Carolina Fake “Abortion” “Ban” [sic] Bill H5399 is Unjust

Isaiah 10:1;
Isaiah 5:20, KJV

H5399 passed the SC House August 31 with multiple exceptions;
   [ Section 44-41-825. (rape/incest); Section 44-41-830. (so-called life/serious health of the mother) vs. ]

H5399 does not protect human life beginning at conception;
   [ Section 44-41-810.(1) (protection only from point of “clinically diagnosable pregnancy”) ]

H5399 preserves the Roe framework in Chapter 41 (“Abortions’), Title 44 of the SC Code of Laws;
   [ Chapter 41, Title 44 of the SC Code of Laws is not repealed in Section 44-41-890. or elsewhere in H5399; legal status of “abortion” preserved in Section 44-41-825. and in Section 44-41-830. ]
   [ Aug 30, 2022 – Rep. Jonathon Hill (R-Anderson) at SC House podium during Second Reading H5399 debate rejects need for, and expresses concern about, H5399 leaving Chapter 41, Title 44 in the SC Code of Laws; believes possible “Roe-style” [judicial] decision coming out of South Carolina could result. Video, begin at 2:01:00 ]
     [ Aug 31, 2022 – Rep. Jonathon Hill (R-Anderson) voted “Nay” to Third Reading of H5399; included written statement for the Record in the SC House Journal, stating:
“While this Bill, H. 5399 …, purports to affirm life begins at conception, in reality it fails to establish equal [protection] under the law as required by the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution. Furthermore, 44-41-825 protects the legal status of abortion, and will allow abortion mills to potentially remain open. This consequence is reflected in the fiscal impact statement, which states that “it is undetermined whether the Bill will affect [abortion clinic license fee] revenue.” For these and other reasons, I voted against this Bill on third reading. Rep. Jonathon D. Hill”

H5399 blasphemously refers to a preborn human being as an “individual organism of the species homo sapiens
[ Section 44-41-810.(7)  (compatible with Creator-denying Darwinian Evolution instead of Creation)

H5399 does Not Establish Justice.
[ One principal purpose stated in the Preamble for ordaining and establishing the United States Constitution is to “establish justice” ]
[ The Oath of Office taken by South Carolina Legislators concludes with the words “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of this State
and of the United States. So Help me God. — SC State Constitution, Art. III, Sec. 26. ]

On Tuesday, September 6, the SC Senate Medical Affairs Committee will take up H5399, and is expected to pass it out in some form, enabling the full SC Senate to begin debate Wednesday, September 7, at 10am.

Meanwhile, Senate Personhood Bill S1335 has been sitting in the SC Senate Judiciary Committee since May 12, and Chairman Senator Luke Rankin (R-Horry) has not yet taken action to move Bill S1335 forward.

There are at least two possible courses of action available::

1) If Chairman Senator Luke Rankin (R-Horry) decided to, he could add Senate Personhood Bill S1335 to the Agenda of the SC Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting which is already scheduled for Thursday, September 8, in Room 105, Senate Gressette Office Building, to hopefully*** pass Bill S1335 out of his Committee to the full SC Senate; and/or,

*** The 23-member SC Senate Judiciary Committee is comprised of 15 Republicans and 8 Democrats. Personhood Bills have previously been passed out of the SC Senate Judiciary Committee onto the full Senate Calendar in both 2016 (S719) and in 2018 (S217).

2) Members of the full SC Senate could decide to completely amend H5399 on the SC Senate floor, by striking all the current language of H5399, and inserting the language of S1335.

May the LORD’s will be done !

‘Open Letter to SC Senate Members: PERSONHOOD ACT OF SOUTH CAROLINA S1335’
Steve Lefemine, exec. dir., Christians for Personhood
September 1, 2022

‘Prepared Written Testimony of Steve Lefemine, exec. dir., Christians for Personhood,
for SC Senate Medical Affairs Committee – August 17, 2022’

God says,
“Thou shalt not kill (murder).”
Exodus 20:13, KJV