(Video) SC Personhood Bill S.217 “Carried Over” by 18-5 vote in Senate Judiciary Committee Jan. 30, 2018; Next meeting Tues., Feb. 6

Christians for Personhood ( CP )
Columbia, South Carolina
February 5, 2018

(Video) SC Personhood Bill S .217 “Carried Over” by 18-5 vote in Senate Judiciary Committee Jan. 30, 2018; Next meeting Tues., Feb. 6

Names of all 23 Senate Judiciary Committee members ( 14 R, 9 D ) may be viewed here .

Senators pictured above in January 30 Senate Judiciary Committee meeting, Gressette Bldg, Room 105, L-R, starting with back row:

Senator Tom Young (R-Aiken)
Senator Katrina Shealy (R-Lexington)
Senator Kevin Johnson (D-Clarendon)
Senator Brad Hutto (D-Orangeburg)
Senate Staff person
Senator Luke Rankin, Chairman (R-Horry)
Senate Staff person
Senator Gerald Malloy (D-Darlington)
Senator Shane Massey (R-Edgefield)
Senator Ross Turner (R-Greenville)
Senator Marlon Kimpson (D-Charleston)
Senator Margie Bright Matthews (D-Colleton)

[ Missing from back row: Ronnie Sabb (D-Williamsburg), Senator Chip Campsen (R-Charleston) Note: both these were present for most of the meeting; the only absent Senator was Thomas McElveen (R-Sumter) ]

Senators pictured, L-R, in front row:

Senator Richard Cash (R-Anderson)
Senator Sandy Senn (R-Charleston)
Senator Mia McLeod (D-Richland)
Senator Mike Fanning (D-Chester)
Senator Mike Gambrell (R-Anderson)
Senator Wes Climer (R-York)
Senator Stephen Goldfinch (R-Georgetown)
Senator Rex Rice (R-Pickens)
Senator Scott Talley (R-Greenville)
Senator William Timmons (R-Greenville)

All 46 South Carolina Senators may be viewed here .  [ Note: Senator John Courson under indictment has been suspended ]


Recent Action Jan 30 and Upcoming Meeting Feb 6:

– On January 30, the SC Personhood Bill S .217 was listed first on the Senate Judiciary Comm. Agenda and was discussed for just over 1 1/2 hours before the 18-5 vote to “Carry Over” the S .217 bill until the next meeting.

– The next Senate Judiciary Committee meeting is Tuesday, February 6, beginning at 11:00 am, and S .217 is again on the Agenda, but this time is not listed at the top.

Senate Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, February 6
11:00 am
— Gressette Room 105 — Judiciary Committee
Agenda Available
Live Broadcast
Live Broadcast – Audio Only

The February 6 meeting is again in the Senate Gressette Bldg, Rm 105 (seats approx. 100).
[ The Senate Gressette Bldg is located to immediate rear of the SC State House, on the southwest side. ]

Please come early (recommend 10am or earlier) and help pack the room with praying Christian Pro-Personhood supporters.

It is likely Planned Parenthood supporters will be coming as well, and it is important for the 23 Senate members [ 14 R, 9 D ] of the Judiciary Committee to see a strong Pro-Personhood presence  [ Note: Of the 14 Republican members of the Judiciary Committee, only 10 have signed on as co-sponsors of S.217Rice, Turner, Young, Timmons, Talley, Shealy, Goldfinch, Climer, Gambrell, Cash.  [ Note: There are also 10 other co-sponsors of S.217 as well, who are not on the Senate Judiciary Committee, for a total of 20 ( 19 R, 1 D ) S.217 co-sponsors in the SC Senate, which presently consists of 45 ( 27 R, 18 D ) sitting SC Senators. ]

Republican Senate Majority Leader, and Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, Senator Massey has not signed on as a S.217 co-sponsor, but has stated he will vote for the bill when he has the opportunity.

Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Senator Rankin has not yet agreed to support S.217.

Senator Senn stated publicly in the January 30 Senate Judiciary Committee meeting:

     “I am a Republican, pro-life, and [ Roman ] Catholic.  I do not want to vote against a bill that encourages pro-life, but this bill is so far out of bounds as far as its constitutionality, I don’t think it can be retrieved,…”

[ View
South Carolina Legislature archive video [ Begin video time 54:40 Senator Senn comments on her opposition to SC Personhood Bill S.217 ]

Senator Campsen has been a long-time opponent of Personhood legislation ( although when SC Personhood legislation was first introduced in February 1998, then-Representative Campsen was actually a co-sponsor !? ).


Further Reporting on January 30 Senate Judiciary Committee meeting:

– The committee room ( Gressette Room 105, below ) was filled to its approx. 100-seat capacity.
(It was also reported a separate overflow room had approx. 70 in attendance.)


(Video) Senate Judiciary Committee meeting Jan 30, 2018, SC Personhood Bill S.217:

South Carolina Legislature

Video Archives by meeting time
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Tuesday, January 30, 2018  11:00 am
Senate Judiciary Committee — Judiciary Committee

Gressette Senate Office Building, Room 105
Video – 1:50:43


– Several Senators spoke on the SC Personhood Bill S .217 Jan 30, both supporters and opponents.

[ Selected approx. video times listed below facilitate viewing of selected comments of various Senators as identified; however, during some of the time periods listed below, more than only the identified Senator may have spoken. ]

– Selected comments by Supporters of the SC Personhood Bill S .217 included:

1) Senator Richard Cash (R-Anderson) – View video [ Video times: 9:25 – 17:55; and 1:29:30 – 1:31:50 ]

[ Founder and former executive director of Personhood South Carolina ]

2) Senator Rex Rice (R-Pickens) – View video [ Video times: 30:50 – 31:15; and 1:38:10 – 1:39:40 ]

3) Senator Stephen Goldfinch (R-Georgetown) – View video [ Video times: 32:30 – 33:40; and 38:40 – 39:25 ]

4) Senator William Timmons (R-Greenville) – View video [ Video time: 43:30 – 46:25 ]

[ Attorney, former Asst. Solicitor for 13th Circuit – good explanation of use of Personhood Act of SC as a vehicle to challenge Roe v Wade ]

5) Senator Wes Climer (R-York) – View video [ Video times: 1:00:00 – 1:02:00; and 1:13:40 – 1:14:15; and 1:27:30 – 1:28:00 ]

6) Senator Katrina Shealy (R-Lexington) – View video [ Video times: 1:24:50 – 1:27:30; and 1:13:40 – 1:14:15; and 1:28:00 – 1:29:30; and 1:37:30 – 1:37:35 ( Senator Shealy’s Motion to carry S .217 bill over ) ]


– Selected comments by Opponents of the SC Personhood Bill S .217 included:

1) Senator Margie Bright Matthews (D-Colleton) – View video [ Video times: 2:20 – 8:10; and 33:45 – 38:35; and 1:02:00 – 1:03:00 ]

[ Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Luke Rankin’s (R-Horry) hand-picked pro-child-murder-by-“abortion” chairwoman of the 5-man Subcommittee which passed S .217 out of Subcommittee by a 3Y-2N vote last year, April 26, 2017.  During the Subcommittee meeting on April 26, 2017, Senator Bright Matthews (attorney) abused her power as Chair and skipped over at least two Pro-Personhood speakers on the sign-up list, including a Christian woman with 34 years experience as Director of the Care Pregnancy Center, who was prepared to speak on her experience dealing with clients regarding the DAMAGE DONE TO WOMEN BY “ABORTION”.  So this Pro-Personhood testimony was blocked from being heard in the April 26, 2017 Subcommittee Hearing by Senator Rankin’s pro-“abortion” chairwoman. ]

2) Senator Luke Rankin (R-Horry) – View video [ Video times: 8:10 – 10:00; and 31:15 – 32:30 and 57:10 – 59:15; and 1:10:00 – 1:11:00; and 1:34:00 – 1:37:30 ( includes Senator Rankin’s “I will take just a second to complain somewhat” comments, and ending with his comments about following the examples of Kansas and Missouri, whose statutes subjected their implementation to Supreme Court decisions ); and 1:37:35 – 1:39:40 ( includes 18-5 vote to carry over; incorrectly reported by Senator Rankin as 19-4 vote ) ]

[ In 2017, Senator Rankin waited over two months to even assign S .217 to a Judiciary Subcommittee, until March 22, 2017, after then-Senator (now SC Lt Gov) Kevin Bryant had introduced S .217 on the first day of the 2017 Legislative Session, January 10, 2017.  Read more details of Senator Luke Rankin’s delaying tactics, “slow-walking” S .217 through the entire 2017 Legislative Session here and here and here.  In 2018, the South Carolina Legislature convened on Tuesday, January 9, however the Senate Judiciary Committee was not called by the Chairman, Senator Luke Rankin (R-Horry), to meet on January 9, nor on January 16, nor on January 23 !  The January 30 meeting of Chairman Rankin’s Senate Judiciary Committee was the first meeting in 2018.  Under normal procedures, legislation should be sent from the SC Senate to the SC House by April 10, and the END of the regular 2018 Legislative Session of the SC Legislature is May 10.  Has Senator Rankin already begun successfully “slow-walking” S .217 in the 2018 Legislative Session to consume precious time needed for debate and passage ? ]

3) Senator Brad Hutto (D-Orangeburg) – View video [ Video times: 18:00 – 23:15; and 1:03:45 – 1:05:55 ]

[ Perhaps the most strident child-murder-by-“abortion” proponent in the SC Senate.  His angry speech directed at a Christian Pro-Personhood Senator was insulting personally and therefore violated the spirit of SC Senate Rule 52, “ Personal Attacks on Senators Not Permitted;…”. Nevertheless, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Luke Rankin took no action to correct this pro-“abortion” Democrat Senator from Orangeburg. Senator Hutto received his J.D. (Law) degree from JESUIT Georgetown University Law Center. ]

4) Senator Kevin Johnson (D-Clarendon) – View video [ Video times: 23:15 – 24:15; and 42:10 – 43:30 ]

5) Senator Gerald Malloy (D-Darlington) – View video [ Video times: 24:15 – 30:50; and 59:15 – 1:00:00; and 1:05:55 – 1:09:00; and 1:11:00 – 1:13:40; and 1:31:50 – 1:34:00; and 1:38:10 – 1:39:40 ]

6) Senator Mia McLeod (D-Richland) – View video [ Video time: 39:25 – 42:10 ]

7) Senator Ronnie Sabb (D-Williamsburg) – View video [ Video time: 46:40 – 54:35 ]

8) Senator Sandy Senn (R-Charleston) – View video [ Video time: 54:40 – 57:10 ]

    “I am a Republican, pro-life [ sic ], and [ Roman ] Catholic.  I do not want to vote against a bill that encourages pro-life, but this bill is so far out of bounds as far as its constitutionality, I don’t think it can be retrieved,…”

9) Senator Marlon Kimpson (D-Charleston) – View video [ Video time: 1:14:35 – 1:24:50 ]


Establishment media errors in reporting on January 30, 2018 Senate Judiciary Committee meeting:

There was erroneous reporting in The State newspaper.  Note how The State newspaper article erroneously reported the FALSE impression that “Personhood” legislation had been passed by other States and already ruled unconstitutional.

The State ( Columbia, SC )
‘Bill to likely ban all abortions delayed in South Carolina’
Jan 30, 2018


“The bill says life begins at conception, *** and at that moment an embryo has all the rights as any other citizen. **** Several senators, including Republicans, said similarly-worded legislation in other states has been found unconstitutional.*****


*** No the bill does NOT say “life begins at conception” !!!  The word conception is never used in the bill. The bill says the RIGHT to life  (due process, equal protection) is vested at fertilization !!!

**** No, the bill does NOT say an embryo has ALL the rights of another citizen, the bill says (only) the RIGHT to LIFE is vested.  The State article is incorrect about vesture of ALL citizen rights at conception (fertilization). The Personhood bill S .217 as written vests only the right to life at fertilization, not the rights of liberty and property.

***** Missouri (effective 1988) and Kansas ( 2013) passed legislation which would recognize the rights of the unborn to be the same as “other persons”, but subjected their statutes, in the text of the statutes themselves, to the “decisional interpretations … by the United States Supreme Court”, and so child-murder-by-“abortion” continues in Missouri and Kansas to this day.  No State in the U.S.A. has yet passed a real, true Personhood Bill or Amendment.

Further errors or omissions in the article:

1) The 20 co-sponsors of S .217 are not all Republicans, there is one Democrat, so far – Senator Kent Williams.  There should be more, including Senator Darrell Jackson, a pastor, and Senator Glenn Reese, a present or former Baptist deacon.

2) The article fails to mention Gov McMaster, Lt Gov Bryant, and another candidate for SC Gov on 2018, Yancy McGill all spoke at the Personhood Day event Wednesday, January 24 at the SC State House.

3) Lastly, the article does not mention 2018 SC GOP candidate Catherine Templeton does NOT support the Personhood Bill S .217, because she supports “exceptions” to a ban on child-murder, i.e., her un-Biblical, immoral, and unconstitutional position, is to allow the continued murder of certain children in the womb based upon the circumstances of their conception.  By definition therefore, Catherine Templeton is NOT “pro-life”.  Even Webster’s and Black’s Law dictionaries define “Person” as “A human being.”

Personhood Report: In Law, No Exceptions to Human Personhood

Personhood Report: No Exceptions to Personhood